Us pga season shortening could help australia to retain its young

Us pga season shortening could help australia to retain its young


Australian researchers are offering tips for making the state’s roads safer, including shortening the length of the average car’s length to make it easier to pass.

It’s not the first time this year a research team has suggested a shortening of the width of the average car could help protect roads from accident risk.

That theory led to a number of states including New South Wales introducing changes to improve highway s더킹카지노afety.

Researchers have now found that a shortening of a car’s width will protect an average motorist more than any other safety measure, says the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

CSIRO has not given a specific recommendations for Australia but says the best approach is for drivers to keep their average speed within safety zones – or pass their limits with few cars.

The federal government has also given advice for how to improve safety at some roadside checks, as well as reducing crashes.

In Queensland, a change to the road rules of speed from 55km/h to 49km/h was adopted this month, and motorists caught speeding in Queensland will see their driving records affected by their state’s new speed limit.

Road Safety Australia chief executive Tim Caulfield says safety should be on the mind of drivers in any vehicle speed limit changes.

“For us to say [it is recommended] the road speed in these laws should be between 55 kilometres per hour and 49 kilometres per hour… I think everyone would argue that is not reasonable and that it’s not in accordance with our laws,” he said.

The CSIRO’s Caulfield says Australia’s laws have already been tightened in other states.

“We have to consider that the speed in these laws is the norm in certain circumstances and it might be that the same speed is not appropriate for that circumstance,” he said.

He says that’s why safety officers have already been able to stop drivers at traffic lights.

“If you just stop people on the road at a tra바카라ffic light you are going to take more time because it’s a slow traffic light. And that doesn’t mean that you are going to have a fatal crash in that scenario,” he said.

“It’s a differ바카라사이트ent scenario in that you have to stop and be able to assess that person.”

Professor Tom White from the CSIRO’s Road Safety Centre says many drivers ignore safety rules and speed up to make a safer pass.

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